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The Targeted Media Services Network supports Australian magazine publishers to build sustainable publishing businesses.

We celebrate Australian print and digital targeted media brands. Why? Because media brands serving a particular niche have deeper relationships, higher levels of audience engagement, and drive better marketing results for their clients. 

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Interviews with Australian publishers

Galah magazine

A modern voice for the bush: Galah magazine

“People do want to use social media to find something and then dive deeper. And they’re prepared to pay for quality.” Galah magazine founder and editor Annabelle Hickson talks about how she’s leveraged Instagram to successfully launch a community and audience-driven print media brand. More

Third time lucky: Prime Creative Media acquires Trader Industry group of titles from Are Media

“A lot of the brands we have purchased over the journey have been taking a digital-first approach. But we believe that the cut through on print is more valuable than ever. With this latest acquisition, our aim is to reinvigorate these brands by positioning digital as an add-on to the print assets. Part of a genuine multi-platform offering,” Prime Creative Media CEO John Murphy talks to TMSN about his plans for his 11 newly-acquired B2B media brands. More

T Australia Publisher Katarina Kroslakova

What print dreams are made of: Kroslakova on publishing T Australia

When you’re approached by The New York Times to licence their hugely successful T: The New York Times Style Magazine in Australia, you don’t say no…twice. T Australia Publisher Katarina Kroslakova talks about the brand’s successful launch and her unique approach to producing intelligent lifestyle content. More


Tips and tricks to grow your media brand

Waislitz and Catalano form ACM joint venture

Six techy ways to win new subscribers for your publication

The digital space is getting noisier by the day, making it harder than ever to get in front of new subscribers. So, while the challenge calls for innovation, the key is understanding how to make the tech work for your publication and your audience. More

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