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Clark and Mackay printers sold after 92 years

After 92 years as a fourth-generation family-operated print shop, Brisbane-based Clark & Mackay has been sold to Ocean Reeve Publishing. 

Since opening for business in 1928, the family-owned company has operated across wooden type, letterpress, offset, and now digital. The printing company offers a range of services, including magazine printing. 

Following 56 years of working in the business, Neil Mackay is trading in his printer hat for a fishing one as he heads into retirement. 

Queensland independent book publishers Ocean Reeve Publishing will officially take over operations of Clark and Mackay from 1 November 2020. 

Mackay said that he hadn’t considered selling the family business until working with Ocean Reeve: “It was never even a thought until 2019. But after working as the central Australian printer for Ocean and Jason, and getting to know their work ethic and integrity, it was actually an easy decision. I knew the way we have looked after our community and customers for the last 92 years would continue under their leadership.”

Incoming Managing Director Jason Smith currently holds the position of Publishing Manager at Ocean Reeve Publishing. 

“It’s an exciting step for me, personally and professionally. To continue the legacy Neil and his family have firmly established is an honour, and after working in the publishing industry for the last three years, I can’t wait to get more involved in the print process to physically see the two connect.” 

“There is still something special about experiencing print media with your own hands — something digital publishing hasn’t yet been able to replicate.”

Smith’s business partner Ocean Reeve said “The publishing industry is always changing. So is print. It makes sense for us to connect the two even closer so that we stay ahead of the upcoming trends and innovations. 

“With inkjet printing becoming more established and technology developing faster by the minute, it is exciting to be working on incorporating new technology and processes. After all, whatever can meet the customers’ needs to the highest quality, efficiency, and service is where we will be focusing our attention.” 

“Even with a strong trend in digitally publishing magazines, there is still a demand for printed editions and we are excited about enabling that option more economically for magazine publishers,” said Reeve.  

As of 1 November 2020, Ocean Reeve Publishing will base its Brisbane offices out of the Acacia Ridge location that currently holds Clark and Mackay. 

“The name won’t change; neither will the team or the great service. All that will be happening is that Australia’s leading Assisted Independent Publishing company will also be based out of the same location,” comments Smith.

“And as for Neil, well, we don’t see him completely disappearing. We’ll most definitely be calling on him for his advice and half a century of knowledge – in between his fishing trips of course.”

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