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Digital magazine editions can be included in your circulation audits

Digital magazine editions can be included in audited circulation figures, the Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) has said.

The AMAA provides independently verified circulation data for magazines to pass on to media buyers and advertisers to build trust and transparency.

Their ABC audit service is used for consumer magazines that sell their subscriptions. The CAB audit is for controlled-circulation publications, or where the majority of the magazine is distributed for free. 

The AMAA said that many of the publications using its services use the below digital publishing platforms to convert print publications to digital: 

If you work with a different provider to create digital magazine editions, the AMAA suggests contacting them about including the distribution in your ABC or CAB reporting.

“These are rapidly changing times and we acknowledge that right now, nothing is business as usual. In the coming weeks and months, our focus is to provide all the support we can to our members, customers and staff as we all navigate through the challenges ahead together,” the AMAA said. 

“The AMAA want to make sure our audits and standards provide the flexibility needed to accommodate new means of distributing content and new publishing modes.

“We’ve been liaising closely with all our members about the steps they’re taking and we are making temporary changes to our reporting standards and audit process to accommodate members’ needs. We are here if you need to get on touch with us,” the association said.

For more information about how to include your digital magazine editions in audited circulation figures, contact the AMAA at  

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