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Professional editing and proofreading services for publishers

No matter how many times you’ve read your own work, or how good a writer you are, there will be mistakes. Even the most accurate writers and grammar pedants aren’t immune from the dreaded typo or layout mishap. 

And as a publisher? The quality of your published work – whether in print or online – has a big impact on how your readers and clients perceive the quality of your media brand. 

So it can be helpful to have on-hand editing and proofreading support from a methodical, experienced former magazine editor. 

Engage an experienced editor and proofreader to make sure you are communicating your content clearly and effectively.

What’s the difference between editing and proofreading services?

The editing process considers your target audience and how best to engage with them. Editing involves checking your document for: 

  • grammar, spelling and punctuation errors 
  • clarity and brevity
  • style consistency and formatting
  • the overall structure of your writing to make sure that it has a logical flow. 

Proofreading happens after editing. It involves preparing the final version of your document for publication. This process includes checking your written content for grammar, spelling, punctuation and consistency, as well as any necessary design elements for consistency and accuracy. 

How we can work together

Editing services

Either on-demand or scheduled on a per magazine edition basis. I work with clients to edit daily news article uploads, monthly long-form content, and magazine features. 

Proofreading services

Digital and print content requires proofreading. I proofread full magazine editions or selected magazine articles using Adobe. Online, I can proofread static web pages, landing pages, feature articles, newsletters and daily news articles.  

Editing services

Available for print or digital content


  • Correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling 
  • Revising sentences for clarity 
  • Restructuring text to ensure a logical flow
  • Reviewing the tone of your text to ensure the best impact for your audience
  • Reviewing the tone and length of text to ensure the best impact for your platform or choice
  • Providing feedback and advice on writing style
  • Ensuring the document meets the requirements of your preferred style guide. 

Editing can be undertaken via Google Docs or Word formats using tracked changes and comment functions. 

Proofreading services

Available for print or digital content


  • Correcting grammar, punctuation and spelling 
  • Ensuring consistency
  • Highlighting clarity issues
  • A review of design elements for consistency and proper formatting
  • Helpful feedback

Satisfied customers


Frequently Asked Questions

What style guide do you adhere to?

Yours. Just send it through, I’ll review it and make sure that any edits or proofing marks that I make adhere to your style guide. If you don’t have one, I’ll ask to see a copy of your latest publication or review your website to get an understanding of your style needs. 

How do I book you in?

Submit the contact form at the bottom on this page and let me know what you’d like proofed, your timeframe, and whether you are looking for a one-off or ongoing service. I’ll get back to you with pricing and my availability. 

Do you have a specialty?

Editing and proofing skills can be easily applied across all content types and mediums, but I particularly enjoy proofreading magazine editions ensuring consistency across all of the text and design elements.

Do you also offer freelance writing services?

Yes. I also offer content writing and copywriting services. What’s the difference? Content writing refers to long-form articles and interviews. Copywriting refers to marketing copy used across your website, email communication, promotional pages in your magazine, and native advertising or advertorial pieces.