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Lyndsie Clark, TMSN Founder and Editor

Simplifying the publishing process

Kilian Schalk, editorial workflow expert
Workflow expert and TMSN contributor Kilian Schalk.

Editorial teams have a lot on their plate these days. Successful media brands publish across multiple platforms – print, digital, social, audio, video – increasing the amount of content to be produced. Audiences are also more fickle – content needs to be of a high quality to cut through the noise and drive engagement.

This can be challenging for media brands with small teams – but it is possible, with the right tools, systems and processes in place. The Targeted Media Services Network provides you with the information and resources to help your team publish more without increasing your workload. 


Publishing and editorial tips and tricks

Ask these 29 questions to improve your media brand in 2021

Ask these 29 questions to improve your media brand in 2021

The end of the year is about rest and relaxation. But it’s also a good time for reflection. Take some time out from the day-to-day of your business can give you the space you need to think more objectively about what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few questions to get the cogs turning. More

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Beat media disruption: do you have what it takes to hold your audience’s attention?

Think that the disruption experienced in the news media and magazine industry is because of new technology and internet platforms? Think again. University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Senior Fellow Jacqui Park explains that true disruption lies in the attention span of your audiences, and there are four factors required to build a sustainable publishing business into the future. More



T Australia Publisher Katarina Kroslakova

What print dreams are made of: Kroslakova on publishing T Australia

When you’re approached by The New York Times to licence their hugely successful T: The New York Times Style Magazine in Australia, you don’t say no…twice. T Australia Publisher Katarina Kroslakova talks about the brand’s successful launch and her unique approach to producing intelligent lifestyle content. More

Australia’s longest-running beekeeping magazine looks to the future

Continuous production over 122 years, only eight editors, and readers that have subscribed for over 30 years. The Australasian Beekeeper Editor Des Cannon talks to TMSN about the magazine’s long history, and how it has adapted to a changing reader demographic following the recent surge in hobbyist beekeeping in Australia. More


Dataconomy’s Elena Poughia: our rule is ‘audience comes first’

Audience engagement expert Bibblio is shining a spotlight on the many multi-platform magazine publishers that are thriving via its “Vertical Heroes” series of interviews. Here, Bibblio Co-Founder Mads Holmen speaks with Dataconomy CEO and Founder Elena Poughia about how to dedicate content to answering your audience’s questions, Dataconomy’s events, and how the publisher works with sponsored content. More

Q&A with Cara Wagstaff, Associate Publisher, Signature Media

“While Australia was in lockdown, we used the time twofold: to ensure our product offerings are as strong as possible, and to talk to our clients to better understand their needs going forward. Now, as the travel market does begin to return, we’re in a strong position to deliver successful campaigns for our advertisers.” Signature Media Associate Publisher Cara Wagstaff talks about how the travel publisher has supported its readers and clients through the COVID-19 lockdown. More

Q&A with Rob Gallagher, CEO, Emprise Group

“What do publishers do really well? They produce amazing content on a subject that they’re experts at. And that’s not where the priorities have been for a lot of businesses over the last few years. The investment isn’t going into the content production it’s going into the platform.” Emprise Group Holdings CEO Rob Gallagher gets to the bottom of how the publishing industry needs to change to be successful into the future. More

Q&A with John Murphy, CEO, Prime Creative Media

“B2B done well has historically focused on supporting industries and companies. It’s been our guiding purpose at Prime Creative Media, and as a result our commercial model is remaining strong, even in these tough times.” Prime Creative Media CEO John Murphy explains why the B2B publishing industry will emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever before. More