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Emprise Group launches two new digital-first business divisions

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Emprise Group Holdings has formed two new digital-first business units to complement its Hema Maps and Adventures Group businesses. 

Emprise Group Holdings is a media business specialising in the delivery of content and mapping for the outdoor/adventure travel sector. 

The company produces print magazines with digital platforms via its Adventues Group division, mapping services (both GPS and printed maps) via its Hema Maps division, and events and content marketing services for its clients. 

Following a review of operations during the COVID-19 period, the Board of Emprise identified that key areas of opportunity in the business would come from specialised rather than generalist skills. 

As a result, Emprise Classifieds and HemaX will be established as new, digital-first companies.

Delivering new products to surpass pre-COVID-19 revenues 

Chairman Sam Hayward said “We have long talked about the ability to run our technology as a standalone entity. Today we realised that vision and it will shape the direction of our group into the future.”

“HemaX has changed the way we develop digital products and established a clear growth strategy in delivering B2B platform solutions while the Emprise Classifieds business has the potential to play a meaningful role in shaping the marketplace for boats and RVs.” 

Each of the Emprise business units will be overseen by the executive team headed by group CEO Rob Gallagher and CFO Matt O’Meara.

“The past 12 months has been a roller coaster, however, we have built the foundations to support sustainable growth across our business. The group strategy remains clear, and these structural changes will assist the teams delivering the building blocks of that strategy more effectively,” Gallagher said.

“While all our businesses are built on the distribution of high-quality content and data, the ability to service the respective customers and clients within each of the streams will be enhanced through dedicated resources under the new structure.”

In the next 12 months, a number of major projects will be delivered by the Emprise businesses, including the launch of the new Hema Maps Explorer digital ecosystem, powered by HemaX, which is expected to deliver revenues that surpass those of FY19 (pre-COVID-19).

“The team is focused on delivering strong financial results in a really challenging market. The executive has been very clear in removing the barriers within the business that has limited that growth and allowing the teams to do what they do best,” Gallagher added.

“We are very proud of the work done by our team and are excited by the next chapter.”

Structural changes to build success

The Hema Maps business will be led operationally by O’Meara and HemaX will fall under the remit of Gallagher and group CTO and co-founder Justin Derry. 

The Adventures business will be headed by General Manager Chris Jefferson and Creative Director Tim van Duyl, who have played senior roles in the Emprise business. 

New appointment, Celso Prado, will join the business on 1 August as the General Manager of the Emprise Classifieds business following seven years running sales and marketing for leading camper trailer manufacturer, Mars Campers.   

Print still an important component of the business 

Gallagher said that the group will continue promoting print products and services within its various businesses. 

“Adventures will continue to run our various print titles and service our partners on custom publishing arrangements,” he said. 

The group’s print titles include Caravan World, which recently celebrated its 600th edition

“The classifieds business will become a client of Adventures and integrate the print and digital content services as part of it.

“The print still plays an important role in the mix and we look forward to making some positive announcements on that front,” Gallagher said. 

Group CEO Rob Gallagher spoke with TMSN earlier this year about how the group was navigating the impact of COVID-19. 

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