Independent news publisher The Squiz to launch The Squiz Kids podcast

Bite-sized digital news publisher The Squiz will launch The Squiz Kids, a weekday news podcast for children, on 28 January 2020. 

Supported by the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas, The Squiz Kids will drop at 7am eastern time each weekday during the school term with an easy-to-digest snapshot of the news designed specifically for 8-12 year-olds. 

The podcast is designed to fit into families’ morning routines, to be played over breakfast, listened to in the car on the school run, or to be played by teachers in the classroom. 

“In less than 7 minutes, it will give kids the rundown on the big news events unfurling around them. And while we won’t shy away from hard news stories, we’ll also make sure there’s plenty of kid-friendly content from the worlds they inhabit too,” the Squiz team said in a statement. 

“And of course, it will be delivered in The Squiz’s signature style – with positivity, humour and free of opinion.”

The Squiz team said that the idea for the new podcast came from reader feedback on the need for a safe place for their kids to get regular quality news. 

The Squiz Kids will be produced by the same team behind The Squiz Today and Squiz Shortcuts podcasts and emails, and will be hosted by journalist, author and father-of-two, Bryce Corbett. 

The Squiz launched a free weekday morning email in March 2017 and podcast in May 2018, both of which are aimed at helping busy Australian stay on top of the news by providing a short snapshot of the latest issues.

Founder and CEO Clair Kimble began The Squiz with a niche audience in mind – time-poor women who want to stay abreast of national and international affairs. 

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