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Sales tips for media brands with niche audiences

Ryan Dohrn
Ryan Dohrn, media sales expert and TMSN contributor

You don’t need a large audience to sell. You need a well-defined, engaged audience, plus the right systems and processes to support your sales team to build effective client relationships. 

The Targeted Media Services Network has curated the most relevant news, tips, research, interviews and case studies to help grow the sales of your niche media brand across print, digital and events. 


Media sales tips and tricks

sales accountability

Why is accountability a bad word?

No matter the size of the media company, one universal truth of sales failure is lack of formal accountability within the sales team. More

Target media sales system

TARGET your media sales message to grow results

The key to your success in the world of media sales is increasing the number of meetings you are granted by prospective advertisers. Developing an effective prospecting process can be the difference between life and death in your media sales career. More

9 ways to avoid the Summer Media Sales Slump

Summer is a tough time for sales professionals. Clients can be incredibly hard to get onto. Media sales expert Ryan Dohrn gives 9 tips to maximise your summer sales outreach in 2020. More

Ask these 29 questions to improve your media brand in 2021

Ask these 29 questions to improve your media brand in 2021

The end of the year is about rest and relaxation. But it’s also a good time for reflection. Take some time out from the day-to-day of your business can give you the space you need to think more objectively about what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few questions to get the cogs turning. More

how to add value for your B2B print advertisers

6 ways to add value for your B2B print advertisers

Print advertising is a trusted and effective way for brands to market their products and services, but the economic pressures of COVID-19 have led some brands to prefer short-term (and often cheaper) online campaigns linked to measurable commercial outcomes. So let’s explore six ways to deliver maximum value to your B2B print advertisers – at a time when they need it most. More

Helpful data

Research and studies

UK digital publishers' revenue bounces back

Digital advertising and subscriptions bounce back: Digital Publishers Revenue Index

“It’s very positive to see the bounce-back in advertising display revenue to go alongside the positive growth in subscriptions that publishers have been able to deliver across the last 12-months.” The latest UK Digital Publishers’ Revenue Index shows a 44 per cent increase in subscription revenue and 16.8 per cent growth in display advertising during the final quarter of 2020CY. More

Australian digital advertising bounces back: IAB

Australian digital advertising made a strong comeback in the December 2020 quarter, while the 2020 calendar year showed publishers are increasingly turning to programmatic advertising to fill their online inventory, according to IAB Australia’s latest report. More



Momentum Media Alex Whitlock

Q&A with Alex Whitlock, Director, Momentum Media

“Our short term goal never changes. Internally for us, it is to challenge, to question, to explore, to seek innovation, never to view one particular line of communication as being the one that will endure forever.” Momentum Media Director Alex Whitlock explains the company’s approach to change and how it articulated the value of niche media to its clients. More

Q&A with Tony Clemenger, Clemenger Consulting

Born into a famous Australian advertising family, Tony Clemenger offers sales solutions for niche magazine publishers via his personal business Clemenger Consulting. Here, Clemenger talks about how he works with small magazine teams to convert their non-core prospects, and his tips for selling in a changing media landscape. More

Q&A with John Murphy, CEO, Prime Creative Media

“B2B done well has historically focused on supporting industries and companies. It’s been our guiding purpose at Prime Creative Media, and as a result our commercial model is remaining strong, even in these tough times.” Prime Creative Media CEO John Murphy explains why the B2B publishing industry will emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever before. More

Annie Ferguson talks Great Southern Press client relationships

Q&A with Annie Ferguson, Great Southern Press, CEO

“Our strength as a business has always been our relationships with our customers, and our thorough understanding of their businesses, their challenges, and their goals for growth.” Great Southern Press CEO Annie Ferguson talks about the impact of COVID-19 on its business and client relationships. More

Q&A with Janice Williams, Universal Media Co, Publisher

“The mid-sized, tightly-run media businesses are possibly better placed than others to gain market share in these times – our problems are smaller, and once managed, we are more agile in addressing our opportunities.” Universal Media Co. Publisher Janice Williams talks about the impact of COVID-19 on its business and Australia’s niche magazine publishing sector. More

The Inside Golf team playing golf.

Specialty magazine proves loyal audience can drive print revenue growth

The “demise of the print magazine industry” is “far from reality”, according to Australian special interest publisher Outdoor Sports Publishing, who claims that its Inside Golf magazine is bucking the downward trend and continues to secure a diverse mix of new clients while retaining long-term partners. More


Killer Media Sales podcast

Whether you’re selling digital advertising, event sponsorships, complex multi-platform solutions or print, the Killer Media Sales podcast aims to equip you with the tools, tactics, knowledge, motivation and inspiration to generate more opportunities.

Brought to you by Alex Whitlock, co-founder of Momentum Media and his co-host Russell Stephenson, Momentum’s director commercial growth. Discover how you can improve your prospecting, build stronger relationships, develop accounts and convert more deals.

Killer Media sales podcast