Ovato NZ launches Ovato Publishing Solutions

Ovato NZ launches full-service support for emerging magazine publishers

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The New Zealand branch of printing company Ovato has launched a new division to support the country’s evolving magazine market. 

Ovato has launched a new Ovato Publishing Solutions division in response to the exit of Bauer Media in New Zealand and the change this will mean to the country’s magazine publishing sector.

Ovato NZ Managing Director Paul Gardiner said that he believes the Bauer NZ titles will “probably end up in the hands of a number of small to medium-sized publishers and could even see new entrants move into the space”.

“The New Zealand magazine market will be fragmented going forward and there is an opportunity for new and smaller magazine publishers to leverage back-end publishing services by partnering with OPS, maximising efficiencies for their business.”  

Paul Gardiner, Managing Director, Ovato NZ

Ovato Publishing Solutions aims to provide a ‘one-stop’ shop of services, including: 

  • Magazine research and insights
  • Advertising representation (print and digital)
  • Magazine printing and production
  • Circulation and marketing services
  • Retail distribution including demand forecasting and allocations
  • Retail merchandising and brand activation
  • Subscription management and mailhouse services. 

Gardiner said that “This full-service model for Magazine publishing is centered around enabling Publishers to do what they do best, which is to create great content, while at the same time being able to tap into a non-competitive shared support network that makes it easy for them to get their content to market and in the hands of consumers”.

Ovato Pubishing Solutions will be headed by Tony Edwards, who is the General Manager of Ovato Retail Distribution.

“We are actively responding to change and anticipated demand in the magazine market. Ovato NZ is the only print, distribution and marketing company that has the ability to offer this total suite of services to provide NZ publishers a cost-effective publishing solution,” Edwards said. 

He went on to say “We are excited about what the new NZ magazine market will look like. During COVID-19, even with the reduction in magazine availability due to Bauer’s exit and limited retail, we have seen strong sales in supermarkets. New Zealanders continue to have a strong connection with magazines”.

To learn more, visit the Ovato NZ website.  

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