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Independent programmatic platform launches self-serve solution for SME publishers

Independent programmatic platform Viztrade has launched a self-serve solution for publishers to generate digital advertising revenue directly from their own websites.

Viztrade Connect is to be launched through the Viztrade platform and enables advertisers to purchase advertising from publisher websites with no friction and full visibility into the cost of the media.

The solution is aimed at SMEs who want an easy and direct digital advertising offering. 

The company said it would enable publishers to quickly monetise their media properties.

“Our mission is to ensure every digital publisher in Australia and around the world has easy access to an automated trading system that creates advertising revenue for their media business, whether they be small, regional, independent or national in scale,” said Viztrade Founder and Managing Director Simon Larcey. 

“Once a publisher is signed up with Viztrade it is a matter of creating a landing page and adding a link to this page on their site. Viztrade Connect is a DIY solution for advertisers and a new sales channel and lead generator for publishers.”

Larcey said Viztrade Connect would expand its offering and would also launch into the UK market.

“We will introduce new features including the ability for SME’s to create their own ads,” said Larcey. “Our plan is to roll it out in Australia and launch in the UK next year, with other markets planned for the future.”

Larcey also said that Viztrade Connect would create a new demand source to complement direct sales and RTB programmatic.

“The pricing is defined by the publisher and our trading fee is taken from the buy-side, so there is no cost to the publisher. Viztrade provides a real alternative to RTB ad trading and is a very simple system to implement and use. We connect directly to your ad server and facilitate real-time transactions.”

The Viztrade Connect solution currently provides run-of-site advertising, at a fixed price, with guaranteed delivery of ads across trusted publisher sites. 

Viztrade is already connected to hundreds of independent online publications across Australia, including local news, specialist interest and B2B sites.

For more information about Viztrade, visit its website.

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