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Virtual event innovation THE BALLROOM

THE BALLROOM connects virtual event participants in Australian first

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Momentum Media has launched an innovative, purpose-built immersive live broadcast format called THE BALLROOM to add to its virtual event offering.

B2B media organisation Momentum Media launched THE BALLROOM format at its virtual event, the 2020 Australian Accounting Awards. 

Founded in 2014, the awards usually run in an in-person format but the impact of COVID-19 has seen Momentum quickly pivot to virtual events so that it can continue to provide value and connection to its audience. 

Momentum Director Alex Whitlock spoke to TMSN in June about the company’s quick decision to move to virtual events. 

Using the new purpose-built technology that Momentum has dubbed ‘THE BALLROOM’, the delivery of the Australian Accounting Awards program was a complete rebuild of the company’s awards format.

Momentum Director – SME and Accounting Jim Hall said the team was quick to respond to the opportunity to build a brand-new architecture, process, and delivery engine for its business awards events – “eventuating in an Australian, if not global, first”. 

“We did this by delivering a ‘traditional’ business award program with over 30 categories via THE BALLROOM to 800+ logged in users, 300+ logged in finalists, and over 3,500 participants/viewers.

Jim Hall, Director – SME and Accounting, Momentum Media.

“With the nation in lockdown, we successfully brought Australia’s accounting sector together during the biggest crisis of our generation – unifying them from their lounge rooms, dining tables, boardrooms and offices from a multitude of locations, helping them to engage, network and celebrate success,” said Hall.  

“Since there was no precedent to base our innovation on, the steps to ideate and launch THE BALLROOM was completely homegrown, drawing on the talent of a very capable team across a range of departments at Momentum.

“While COVID was the trigger, this innovation will be enduring and shape how Momentum approaches all events into the future,” he said.

“I’ve been blown away by how quickly our team has responded to the challenge to rethink business awards, and create what is now the benchmark for business awards programs in the post-COVID-19 world.” 

Hall also said that the award sponsors and commercial partners have been very supportive of the decision to pivot. 

“Despite the circumstances of COVID-19 and the challenges faced by the accounting sector, we had to adapt to the environment – and Momentum is in a strong position to ensure we keep our communities connected, engaged and better informed,” said Hall.  

To read more about Momentum Media’s virtual event, the Australian Accounting Awards, click here

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