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Why the Niche Publishing Network is rebranding to the Targeted Media Services Network

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The Niche Publishing Network is rebranding to the Targeted Media Services Network (TM.SN). Here’s why. 

I hadn’t planned on rebranding the Niche Publishing Network. But then I received a phone call.

It was another publisher. They felt that NPN’s name was a little too close to theirs and asked if I would stop using it. I’d stolen their top search rankings on Google.

I was taken aback. 

My first thoughts went to the effort that I’d put in to build the NPN brand over the last 12 months. Then I thought about the time required to change it and the beautiful SEO juice that I might lose. 

But then I stopped. I took a deep breath. And I spoke to someone that I knew would give some sage business advice. 

One of the biggest things I miss about working within a larger publishing team is the ability to have a rant, get an issue off your chest, and then bounce a few ideas about. It’s a cathartic and productive experience. 

By the time I’d hung up the phone everything was clear. 

The situation had changed from an annoyance to an opportunity. 

You see, my business has changed over the last 12 months, as has Australia’s media industry. And I’ve felt for some time that the NPN brand doesn’t accurately reflect what I do or what budding/successful niche media brands need. 

Outside of the website, I work with targeted media brands to develop engaged audiences, streamline their processes, and grow their revenue. That’s my bread and butter. I love it. Connecting with media brands and helping them grow is thrilling. 

But for some time, and as I’ve become busier, the website’s content has suffered. I haven’t been delivering what I set out to – and when I recently asked NPN’s amazingly engaged e-newsletter subscribers for feedback, I realised that they were feeling the same way. 

So with the rebrand, I’m going to set that straight. 

From here, the Targeted Media Services Network (TM.SN) will deliver more articles and resources on practical and actionable tips to: 

  • Improve business processes 
  • Hone sales skills 
  • Create compelling marketing 
  • Explore new revenue models 
  • Build sustainable publishing businesses. 

The website will also feature more from the wonderfully experienced group of media consultants I’ve been lucky to connect with since launching. They are a wealth of information and all extremely supportive of print and digital media brands with targeted audiences. 

We’ll provide articles, tips, webinars, tutorials, and guides on our areas of expertise. And, if you need, we’ll be on hand to provide you with that sound, objective third-party advice that sometimes you need in your business.

On top of this, TM.SN will continue to celebrate successful niche media brands and to deliver the latest news and products aimed at helping you do business better. 

I’m looking forward to it. 

Shoot me your thoughts and let me know what you think: lyndsie@targetedmediaservices.com.au 

Cheers, Lyndsie Clark, Founder, TM.SN

P.S. Starting off TM.SN’s practical tips – here’s an article on the level of protection you have over your brand and the pros and cons of registering a trade mark. A lesson taken from NPN’s rebrand 😉

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