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Youth culture publisher Highsnobiety to launch in Australia

Youth culture publisher Highsnobiety and its in-house creative agency HS+ has opened its first Australian office in Sydney. The publisher describes itself as an “agency powered by a publisher”.

Since its launch in 2005, Highsnobiety has served an audience of “cultural pioneers”, predominantly Gen Z creators, innovators and curators. 

“From the proliferation of streetwear to its infiltration of luxury, we led the charge as traditional boundaries came down. Today we don’t just talk about youth culture, we shape it,” the publisher’s website states. 

“We’re drawn to the people, ideas, places, products, and brands shaping the lives of young people today, often before they’ve entered the mainstream. “Trend” is not a word we invest stock into. “Hype” is the antithesis of what we care about. The world we see is one through the prism of style.” 

Highsnobiety Co-Founder and CEO David Fischer said there is a proven appetite for Highsnobiety from Australian audiences.  

“Australia is a cultural hub that is both unique and globally appealing. The local brands, creators, artists and designers form a community that is differentiating the cultural space,” he said. 

“We are excited to connect with this community in a meaningful way, amplifying their stories on a global scale, and introducing select international partners for expanded opportunities.”

As part of this, Highsnobiety will also launch its In-house creative agency HS+ in Australia, which will offer brand partners an opportunity to engage with “a niche community propelling youth culture”. The agency provides services across print and digital media, events, strategic partnerships and custom opportunities. 

The agency has worked across digital and print media, events, strategic partnerships, and more since its launch.

The Australian expansion will be headed by Nicholas Ingate, who returns to Australia as country lead after ten years overseas.

“Having lived and worked across Australia, Europe and the US, I am looking forward to coming home, bringing international insights to the market, helping brands think global act local, I will be focusing on strategic partnerships with our brands and Highsnobiety.”

Highsnobiety’s Sydney office marks its seventh office globally. 


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