Strategically streamline your publishing workflow

The 15-week Digital Transformation Course that streamlines your magazine workflow, grows your digital footprint and gives you the data to research new revenue streams - without increasing your workload.

Delivered by international workflow consultant Kilian Schalk, who’s helped magazine teams around the world improve their processes and increase their output.

Kilian Schalk, editorial workflow expert

More reach.
More engagement.
More revenue.

We get it. 

As a small publisher, you’ve got one million ideas about how to grow your magazine brand, but not enough hours in the day to action them. 

You know that you should be doing more to build your digital presence. 

You know that you could reach a larger audience, increase your subscription revenue and provide more value and opportunities to your advertising clients. 

But your brilliant ideas to grow your business and revenue languish on a ‘someday’ wishlist because you are low on two key things: resources and time.

What if you could streamline your publishing workflow to improve your productivity and reach?

New-York based workflow expert Kilian Schalk works with publishing teams around the world to help them do more and earn more by streamlining processes and transitioning to a cloud-based, content-first workflow.

Kilian is partnering with the Targeted Media Services Network to give Australian magazine publishers the opportunity to work with him at a fraction of the usual cost of a consultant.

The Digital Transformation Course

Over 15 weeks, Kilian Schalk’s Digital Transformation Course provides 10 magazine publishers the opportunity to transform workflow by:

Giving your team the tools and mindset to think strategically about building the most efficient workflow for your publishing business

Building a positive team culture that embraces change

Transitioning to a cloud-based, collaborative, content-first workflow that suits your unique needs

Demonstrating how to track and measure the success of your content.

About course presenter
Kilian Schalk

PurpleGray Principal Kilian Schalk is an expert in workflow design, helping editorial content creators adapt to a changing world. 

He led the 2015 ‘Moonshot’ effort to transform America Magazine into America Media, and created the blueprint for a 2018 workflow overhaul of Vanity Fair. Formerly Managing Editor for Editorial Development at Condé Nast and Technical Director of Digital Projects at The New Yorker, he was the youngest Production Manager in Rolling Stone history.  

“An energetic, passionate devotee of continuous improvement”, Kilian enables his clients to define and implement the culture change needed to compete in a mobile environment, launch new digital products, and find room in the day to create podcasts, expand into radio, and add video channels. 

His training programs focus on client transformation. He has worked with magazines to overhaul editorial and marketing workflows, accelerate content delivery, redesign websites and print editions, build digital archives, increase editorial web team output, move from a subscription to a membership model, restructure contributor contracts, and boost online traffic. 

Kilian emphasises secure employment, centres employee collaboration, and builds change into the process, leveraging workflow to help teams of all sizes grow audience and revenue even as they re-engineer how they produce multi-channel content.

Kilian Schalk, editorial workflow expert
"[Kilian] empowered the team to come up with solutions that worked for us. He guided us without telling us what to do... which is actually a big deal."
Gretchen Crowe
Huntington, Indiana
"Kilian has jump-started us into a much smarter and [more] efficient way of working. You have no idea the value of these sessions to our organization!"
John Feister
Cincinnati, Ohio

Change is hard

It’s easy to do things a certain way “because that’s the way we’ve always done it”. 

But that doesn’t mean that it’s the right way. 

Sometimes it takes an expert external to your business to help drive a culture of change.

Kilian understands that every publishing business is different

So he’s structured the course to include team-based Zoom meetings where participating publishers can share challenges and learn from each other, in addition to one-on-one Zoom calls with your team and Kilian. 

In total, the course gives you: 

  • A launch meeting – introducing all participating publishers to the transformation process 
  • An introductory Zoom call – a one-on-one call between Kilian and each member of your team 
  • Six course modules/topics – delivered over hour-long Zoom meetings with all participating publishers 
  • Six team check-ins – delivered over hour-long Zoom meetings between Kilian and each team. 
  • A course graduation session
  • Access to dedicated support via a course community forum. 

A low-intensity, high-impact transformation

The total time commitment of your team is one hour each week, over the course of 15 weeks, plus homework. Course modules include an article workflow experiment, a magazine-issue workflow experiment, data collection and analysis, audience analysis and development, product development and testing, and revenue generation: 

Digital Transformation Course modules

Who would benefit from this course?

The Digital Transformation Course is for you if you are a magazine publisher with a small to medium-sized team who wants to: 

  • Increase your output without increasing your workload 
  • Start or expand your digital presence 
  • Streamline your management of content between print and digital channels 
  • Grow your magazine brand’s reach and revenue 
  • Improve collaboration with your team in the office, or remotely. 

Places are limited

Participation in the course is limited to 10 publishing teams, with publications vetted to ensure no competitors participate in the same course intake.

Competing publications will be assessed on a first-in, first-served basis.

Digital Transformation Course key details

  • Start date: July 2021
  • Duration: 15 weeks
  • Time commitment: An hour each week plus homework/implementation time. It is strongly encouraged that each participant attend all meetings to get the most out of the program.
  • Number of participants per publisher: minimum of two, maximum of ten per team.
  • Cost: AUD$3,100+GST plus $150 per participant on each team.
  • EARLY BIRD price until 4 June: AUD$2,850+GST plus $150 per participant on each team.

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other Frequently asked questions

The Digital Transformation Course is best suited for small to medium-sized magazine publishing teams of between two and 10 staff members. 

It is designed for all staff ages and demographics and has a strong focus on establishing the right team culture required to embrace change and think strategically about solutions that meet each participating team’s needs.

It is open to B2C, B2B, association-based, and custom magazine publishers. 

Yes, the course helps teams that work remotely to streamline their workflow and collaboration. If you have a team of two or more people, the course is for you.

Kilian’s course is designed for busy publishing teams. The total time commitment expected for the course is one-hour per week, for 15 weeks, plus homework.

Magazine publishers that have competing brands will not be accepted into the same course intake. Competitors will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis. 

If you are unable to participate in the course because a competitor has already booked, we’ll let you know the dates of future course intakes.

Kilian’s course promotes the use of free cloud-based tools to build your streamlined workflow, so there are no further costs involved – unless you choose to use a paid service.

Lyndsie Clark

I’ve been in your shoes.

I know what it’s like to work as part of a magazine team that wants to grow its digital presence and look into new revenue ideas. You desperately want to make progress, but your existing workload stops you from making the in-roads that you need. 

You know that you need to change the way you do things to grow your magazine brand – but it’s hard to see past your current to-do list, or get your fellow team members on board with the changes you want to make. 

That’s why the Targeted Media Service Network has partnered with Kilian Schalk to deliver this course to Australia’s magazine brands. 

Kilian has helped magazine publishers around the world improve their workflow so that they can grow their brand. The results that he’s helped teams to achieve save time, money and improve magazine teams’ attitude toward change. 

This course has the potential to transform your business. I’d encourage you to give it a try. 

Lyndsie Clark, Founder, Targeted Media Services Network