Sales funnels
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Capture, nurture and prioritise your sales leads

Automated sales strategies to boost your client relationships

Publishers are great at creating content. It’s your superpower. You create unique content day-in, day-out to meet the needs of your audience. 

But do you create content that helps your advertising clients with their needs? 

When you’re so focused on meeting the needs of your audience, it’s easy to forget about the information and resources that your advertising clients need to lead to a purchasing decision. 

Get your sales leads to ‘know, like and trust’ you on auto-pilot.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is an automated process of generating new leads and building relationships that convert. Sales funnels help your prospects understand how they can work with you and help your sales team to prioritise more effectively. 

Sales funnels can be simple or complex. They can feed off many different types of content and platforms – your website, magazine, emails, social media, podcasts and videos. 

Sales funnels are win-win

A good sales funnel feels good for you and your prospects. Whether they purchase or not, they walk away with value and a positive experience with your brand. 

And you know what? Just because they choose not to purchase now, doesn’t mean that they won’t in the future. 

A set-and-forget sales funnel can nurture your leads until they are good and ready – letting your sales team focus on clients that are closer to making a decision. 

Who doesn’t like an easy sale?

I’m a lazy salesperson. There, I said it. 

Maybe it’s my background. I’m not a born salesperson. I started on editorial and moved across to sales. And I love it. The chase is thrilling. But I love it more when I’m selling to a warm prospect. 

The best way to sell your brand, product and services is to build a relationship first. 

And the best way to do that is to provide value to your prospect from your first point of contact. 

Use what you are good at – your industry knowledge, intimate understanding of your audience and ability to generate unique content – as a secret weapon to increase your sales pipeline. 

  • You’ve got a targeted audience. 
  • You’ve got the industry knowledge. 
  • You’ve got the platform. 
  • You know how to hustle. 

Now you need to maximise your sales team’s time by developing leads on autopilot. 

Develop a water-tight sales funnel brimming with content and genuine value that captivates your clients. 

Scale your sales relationships

I once worked with a sales manager who said that most of his sales were made after midnight at networking events. 

“That’s when the magic happens.”

There’s truth in that. Even in the B2B space, people buy from people. Relationships reign supreme. 

It’s hard to scale midnight drinks…but you can start building a relationship with new leads long before you get a chance to bond at a networking event. 

Let your sales team focus on higher priority prospects and clients by nurturing your leads without picking up the phone.

Subtle sales funnels that deliver value

Crossing over to the darkside has its benefits. 

Thanks to my editorial and sales background, I know how to position your brand and add value to your clients by using the very method that you are selling them around: useful, relevant content. 

And because I’ve experienced the sales side? 

I’ve been on the sales leads rollercoaster. I understand the common objections. I know how fickle advertisers can be. 

Let me breathe life into the tail of your sales pipeline. 

How we can work together

Sales funnel strategy session

Let’s map out a comprehensive sales funnel strategy unique to your business needs. 

Sales funnel strategy and copywriting

A comprehensive sales funnel strategy plus convincing copy to bring you closer to a sale.

Copywriting and sales pages

Clear, persuasive copy to build, grow, and optimise your sales funnel.

Sales funnel strategy session

  • An audit of your current sales funnel strategy
  • A competitor analysis of the sales elements on your website against up to three of your competitors 
  • Strategy session defining your goals, audience and sales offer
  • Recommendations for sales funnel development, including sales funnel map 
  • Recommendations for required sales funnel tech
  • A reporting template for you to track sales funnel performance over time.

Sales funnel strategy and copywriting

  • An audit of your current sales funnel strategy
  • A competitor analysis of the sales elements on your website against up to three of your competitors 
  • Strategy session defining your goals, audience and sales offer
  • Development of a sales funnel map 
  • Delivery of the sales copy required for each step in your sales funnel 
  • Recommendations for required sales funnel tech
  • A reporting template for you to track sales funnel performance over time.

Copywriting and sales pages

  • Briefing session covering your goals, audience, sales offer and funnel 
  • Liaison with necessary stakeholders 
  • Delivery of a draft with two rounds of changes
  • Final content delivered in Word and PDF versions
  • Review of copy/sales page once uploaded to website to ensure all elements work as they should. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

I have a sales team. Why do I need a sales funnel?

It’s important to recognise that sales funnels don’t replace sales teams. Sales funnels make their job easier by providing leads that have had the opportunity to learn about your business, what you stand for, and how you can add value before receiving a cold call. 

Contacting leads that have had a positive experience with you before receiving a cold call makes it easier for your sales team to sell. Sales funnels also allow you to nurture leads that aren’t ready to purchase yet, letting your sales team focus on higher priority prospects and clients. 


How much does a sales funnel strategy cost?

It depends. Everyone’s needs are different. We’ll have a 15-minute chat to talk about what you currently do to attract sales and how you’d like  to improve it. I’ll use this information to provide you with a proposal and quote.

Do you have a specialty?

I love sales funnels of all shapes and sizes, but my specialty is sales funnels for B2B print and digital advertising and marketing opportunities. 

Do you also offer freelance copywriting services?

Yes. I also offer content writing and copywriting services. What’s the difference? Content writing refers to long-form articles and interviews. Copywriting refers to marketing copy used across your website, email communication, promotional pages in your magazine, and native advertising or advertorial pieces.

Can I ‘set and forget’ my sales funnel strategy once I’ve worked with you?

No. It’s important to track the performance of your sales funnel strategy over time. This will help you refine your funnel and get better results over time. As part of the process, I provide you with the templates and documentation to track this yourself.

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