Is your content just something you send out and call it good? Or are you strategically posting, reformatting, and sharing to drive website traffic, attract new audience, and drive conversions?

Is your content just something you send out and call it good? Or are you strategically posting, reformatting, and sharing to drive website traffic, attract new audience, and drive conversions?

Niche Media HQ asked Chelsey Shockley and Travis Stewart, Co-Founders of Johnnie Studio, for insights into content marketing; organising and sharing niche content for media business growth.

Community and content: niche publishers have the edge here. What’s the best way to organize niche content so it hits readers at the right time or context?

Constantly study your traffic and how users are moving through your site. If you discover a niche — for example, all of your pizza restaurants/reviews are getting tons of organic traffic — consider compiling a stand-alone experience or adding a niche to your site navigation (as appropriate).

Then you can cookie and tag users based on your site’s niche pillars of interest and designate areas of your pages/emails to surface content most relevant to those users based on known data.

But the best way to meet readers at the time of their choosing is to be present when they have specific, volunteered questions — and that’s the role of content that’s optimised for organic search.

What is a good example of using content marketing to drive engagement and conversion?

That’s a really big question, and the answer differs significantly based on business model (brand, B2B versus B2C, publishers, etc.). But the trick is learning as much as you can about individual audience segments, and then following their data-driven behavior to understand when the moment is right for conversion.

This is one area in which machines are better than humans — have you explored custom machine learning algorithms that can help structure your content according to user patterns that you don’t have time (or enough binary brain space) to surface yourself?

What are ways to use the same piece of content in different formats to max your engagement?

In non-monolithic fashion. The fuel behind digital channel consumption is going through a constant state of change — what works on Twitter one week is out with the wash a few days later.

This is where agility is key, and dedicated channel owners who live natively in the space should be allowed to have say over what kind of content cutdown works best for their sphere of influence.

The solution doesn’t rest in the format as much as it does the creator who speaks the native channel tongue.

Chelsey Shockley and Travis Stewart are the Co-Founders of Johnnie Studio, a digital marketing and content services agency based in Seattle, USA. Using their backgrounds in creative design and writing, videography, audience development, SEO and social content marketing strategy, they offer a rare level of insight into how content should be framed and structured for high engagement and conversion.

This article was originally published on the Niche Media HQ blog. Based in the US, Niche Media HQ provides events, education and training for B2C, hobbyist, B2B, city and regional, and association magazine publishers.

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Kristi Dougherty, General Manager, Niche Media HQ
Kristi Dougherty, General Manager, Niche Media HQ
Kristi Dougherty is the Content Queen (VP, Marketing and Programs) for Niche Media’s unique and dynamic conferences and resources for niche publishers. She has worked in media since the heady days of dot com magazines in the 90s and managed B2B, consumer, and association publications and events. Niche Media organises events, education and training for niche magazine publishers, and is based in the US.

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