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Six techy ways to win new subscribers for your publication

The digital space is getting noisier by the day, making it harder than ever to get in front of new subscribers. So, while the challenge calls for innovation, the key is understanding how to make the tech work for your publication and your audience.

Alan Leech is the founder of crmSubscribe, an end-to-end subscription service that uses the power of smart technology to get content in front of subscribers. He has decades of experience helping publishers connect with and convert engaged audiences.

Alan Leech, crmSubscribe
Alan Leech.

Here are his tips for acquiring new subscribers and creating a world-class customer journey.

1. Use technology to find untapped markets

Acquisition starts with identifying prospects, and the most effective way to do that is to analyse your current database. Many new technologies are being integrated into subscriber management platforms, and using these to segment your existing dataset is crucial. Machine learning algorithms are helping to uncover further segmentation in data that wouldn’t otherwise be obvious to the human eye. The increased analytical capacity is promising.

2. Organised data collection is essential

Publishers can collect a bunch of data that doesn’t mean anything when taken out of context. So, an IT system that allows you to collect, collate and use data to make informed decisions about your current audience and potential areas for growth will help you understand where the opportunities lie.

3. Personalising your offering is key

Gone are the days where you could simply put out a message and attract leads to your business. Audiences these days expect highly personalised messaging and need to be reached in the right place at the right time. With the right analytical tools in place, you’ll better understand how to reach an engaged and qualified market.

4. An adaptable system will solve a lot of problems

Digital marketing has always been a game of trial and error. When it comes to subscriber acquisition and reaching new audience segments, you need to test multiple strategies. It’s paramount to have an agile system for marketers to get creative, try different tactics, change things up without massive amounts of reconstruction, and analyse any learnings quickly and efficiently.

5. Open all hours

Thanks to social media marketing, publishers need to think about their system’s capabilities in the context of a 24/7 global market. You can reach subscribers from all over the world looking to subscribe at any hour of the day or night. So, make sure your web order page is up, reliable and ready for action.

6. Always consider the customer journey

It’s one thing to get in front of potential subscribers, but it’s another to get them to subscribe. The customer journey should always be top of mind, and it needs to be simple, with as few clicks as possible between your audience seeing your ad, subscribing and getting their content. It is crucial to have a well-designed interface and intuitive system that can quickly capture the data you need from your subscriber and get them behind your paywall.

Please reach out to Alan if you’re planning to integrate new tools or upgrade to a system that’s customised for your publication. You’ll find all crmSubscribe’s details on their website: www.crmaus.com.au

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