Is Australian magazine consumption in decline? This report says no

Australian print media consumption isn’t in decline, according to the latest report released by GlobalWebIndex that analyses traditional and digital media consumption habits within 41 countries.

Australian print media consumption isn’t in decline, according to the latest report released by GlobalWebIndex that analyses traditional and digital media consumption habits within 41 countries. 

The report, titled Digital vs Tradition Media Consumption, found that in 2018 Australians spent an average of 31 minutes consuming print press (newspapers and magazines) which was the same amount of time spent during 2014. 

2014 print press and online press consumption habits (dark blue) compared to 2018 (light blue).

For the APAC region, an average of 49 minutes was spent consuming print media a day in 2018, bolstered by China where consumers spend 58 minutes a day on print press media.  

Globally, the average consumption of print media increased by 4 minutes to 43 minutes per day in 2018 compared to 39 minutes in 2014. 

The report authors said that globally it is “important to note…that print press has remained fairly stable since 2014. Although gentle declines have been seen in the majority of countries, these have been in the order of minutes. Traditional newspapers and magazines aren’t being abandoned yet.” 

Traditional media consumption habits 

Australians spend an average of 3:50 minutes per day consuming all traditional forms of media, defined as linear TV, radio, print press, and consoles. The majority of Australian traditional media consumption is dedicated to TV. 

GlobalWebIndex found that only seven countries spent longer consuming traditional media than digital media. 

“These are mature markets with digitally conservative and older online populations, mainly in Europe, but notably also Japan,” the report says. 

Digital media consumption habits 

Australians spent 4:26 minutes a day consuming digital media in 2018, with 37 per cent spent on mobile and 63 per cent on computers or tablets. 

Around half an hour of this time was spent consuming online press, while the majority is spent on social media (1:35 minutes) followed by music streaming (50 minutes) and online TV/streaming (49 minutes). 

Media consumption by age 

GlobalWebIndex found that globally media consumption differed by age. 

Interestingly, those aged between 16-34 years of age spend the most amount of time consuming print press (46-47 minutes per day), closely followed by 35-44 year olds (43 minutes per day). 

“Arguably less expected is that the youngest two groups are reading the most traditional print press each day. It’s often said that this sector’s major challenge lies in engaging tech-oriented young consumers but it’s actually in the oldest groups where we see the lowest figures,” the report states.

“This is the product of media consumption overall dropping with older consumers, as well as with lower-income consumers.” 

The report also highlights that those aged 16-24 spend nearly three hours longer per day online than those within the 55-64 age group. Over 85 per cent of 16-24 year olds also said that they use another device as they watch television. 

“While socialising with friends and family through social media and messaging services is the most common simultaneous activity, some 8 in 10 also read news and play games,” the report states.  

Around an hour across each age group is spent accessing online press, with the highest consuming age group those aged 25-34. 

To access the report, visit the GlobalWebIndex website

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