Partica content marketplace helps publishers earn more revenue

How Realview is helping publishers earn revenue online

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty around what’s going to happen to the publishing industry in the next couple of months. But there are largely unexplored digital revenue options available to publishers, which leverage the quality of your existing content.

Many publishers are worried about the logistics of their business – from advertising sales to print distribution. And with events being canceled, it’s going to be tougher than ever to keep revenue moving forward. Using the Partica platform, Realview has come up with some great ways to help you earn revenue off the content you already have.

Take inventory of your content 

As a publisher, you have already invested a significant amount of time and effort in the content you already own, but chances are you’ve probably only used that content once.

If you have PDFs sitting on your server or hidden away in the depths of your Google Drive, you can send them to Partica where they can be turned into searchable documents.

Once you’re able to easily search through your old PDFs, you’ll be able to assess the content you have so you can monetise it quickly.

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Earning on your digital editions and subscriptions

If you don’t already have a digital edition, sell online subscriptions or have a paywall, we recommend now as a good time to consider setting them up.

If you have back issues of your work, you can sell subscriptions to your back issue archive.

Digital subscriptions have also come a long way since their conception and now allow you to earn revenue in less than a week. 

Generate revenue on your advertising

While you might have website advertising set up, traditional website banner ads are just the start of what’s now possible. With new mobile-friendly versions, there are at least half a dozen new revenue options available.

By making your digital content mobile-friendly, you’ll be able to generate new streams of revenue through Google AdSense by running ads in articles.

You’ll also be able to reach readers through SMS delivery of publications, access a complete analysis of reader behaviour and generate engagement reports which can be sent back to your advertisers. 

Extract and repurpose your content

Most publishers are taking advantage of the opportunities to help businesses with their content needs.

You might be surprised how much content you have locked away in your PDFs and how easy it can be to give that content a new chance at life in the digital world.

At Partica, we can extract your content from saved PDFs and from your website.

Evergreen content that has never been seen digitally may very well be relevant today. Reusing old content is far more cost-effective than creating new content.

For more information on how Partica can help extract your content, visit our website

Sell your content

The easiest way to sell your content to businesses is online through the new Partica Marketplace.

Once you’ve extracted the content from your PDF files, you can easily make it available in the Partica content marketplace where you’ll be paid every time it sells.

You can choose the price and the license terms when you upload your content. 

Visit the marketplace to see what’s already available and the average prices businesses are paying for content, and start selling your content today.  

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