isubscribe stats show niche B2C magazine subscriptions are selling better than ever

The latest subscription sales statistics on isubscribe show that niche B2C magazines with targeted audiences are increasing their subscriptions year-on-year at a faster rate than many better-known mastheads.

The latest subscription sales statistics on isubscribe show that niche B2C magazines with targeted audiences are increasing their subscriptions year-on-year at a faster rate than many better-known mastheads.

isubscribe Managing Director Hunter Drinan says “As customers have desired more specialised service and information, markets have responded with more customised products.

“We’ve seen a number of new magazines launch over the past four years and some heritage brands are having a renaissance due to changing consumer fashions.

“Credit is due to the publishers and editors who’ve identified a particular ‘niche’ audience and editorial opportunity and done an excellent job at creating value and engaging with that community.”

Hunter Drinan, Managing Director, isubscribe

He says that there are a number of examples on isubscribe. 

The Australian Beekeeper on isubscribe
The Australasian Beekeeper.

The Australasian Beekeeper is a magazine over 100 years old. As beekeeping has become more fashionable and the monthly magazine increased its awareness – including a prominent feature in isubscribe’s 2019 Christmas TVC – the publication’s subscriptions have skyrocketed. 

Beekeeper’s isubscribe sales volume finished up over 130 per cent year-on-year (YoY) for 2019, and sales are up over 250 per cent for the year-to-date (YTD).

Double Helix on isubscribe
Double Helix magazine.

Double Helix, CSIRO’s STEM inspired magazine for teens, has experienced an over 20 per cent subscription increase YoY since 2017. 

The kids magazine market is experiencing strong growth in recent years due to growing demand for ‘offline’ entertainment activities with educational benefits, such as the reading and learning involved with magazine content.

Caravan World on isubscribe
Caravan World.

Emprise Group’s monthly magazine Caravan World, catering to the ‘grey nomads’ and burgeoning motorhome travel market, has seen its subscription sales volume up 200% in 2019. It’s YTD figures are up 34% YoY.

WellBeing magazine
WellBeing magazine.

Lastly, Universal Media Co’s WellBeing magazine is not new but its performance demonstrates the power of identifying a niche opportunity early. 

A steady increase of 10-20 per cent in subscribers YoY since 2016 has supported this magazine as its perspective has become increasingly mainstream. 

Once considered catering to an alternate audience in the health and lifestyle publishing sector, WellBeing magazine is now the number one health title on isubscribe for the first time, taking over Women’s Health magazine.

“On top of providing a great product, niche titles that are growing their subscriber base are actively marketing subscriptions and allocating resources, both time and budget. With isubscribe for instance, it may involve refreshing subscription offers, testing new tactics and participating in major sales campaigns,” says Drinan.

“Where you have a growing community and sub-culture driving the editorial area of interest, there’s usually great opportunity to acquire subscribers.”

For information on how to list your B2C magazine on isubscribe, contact Hunter Drinan at

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