Journalists Published Media Award updated

Journalists Published Media Award and pay guide updated

The Fair Work Ombudsman has updated the pay guide for the Journalists Published Media Award.

Penalty rates for casual employees under the Journalists Published Media Award [MA000067] have been amended in the pay guide, and in the Pay and Conditions Tool (PACT). Sick and carers leave have also been added to the PACT. 

A summary of the changes made to the award can be found here

The new rates are available in PDF format from the Related Information – Summaries tab of the award on Fair Work’s website. 

A history of all variations made to the award can be found here

The award covers those employed in Australia’s published media industry, across magazines, newspapers, periodicals, journals, online publications, and wire services.  

Those covered under the award may complete literary, artistic, photographic, feature, commentary and/or news journalism.  

The award doesn’t cover: 

  • editors of magazines, online publications or daily metropolitan, national or regional newspapers 
  • employees of magazine publishing businesses or online publishing businesses that employ more than 20 editorial employees
  • Any employee (below the level of publisher) who has principal responsibility for the editorial or artistic of more than one magazine or online publication (for example, editor in chief or artistic director). 

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