Magazine brands have strong online engagement: MPA report

Magazines have strong connections with online users who are passionate about their content, according to new research analysis about online media undertaken by the US-based MPA – The Association of Magazine Media.

The Magazine Media 360° Online Engagement Report (OER) compiles metrics that demonstrate the level of audience engagement with web and mobile websites of magazine media brands.

The analysis measures audience engagement to the websites of consumer magazine brands and non-magazine brands within particular categories, including: 

  • Automotive
  • Epicurean
  • Health and fitness 
  • Home and garden 
  • Science, technology and exploration 
  • Sports enthusiast 
  • Travel 
  • And more. 

The loyalty, immersion, intensity and connection of website audiences are analysed, and defined as: 

  • Loyalty: the frequency that content is consumed within a specific period (visits per visitor) 
  • Immersion: the amount of time spent consuming content within a specific period (minutes per visitor) 
  • Intensity: the number of webpages consumed within a specific period (pageviews per visitor) 
  • Connection: the level of attraction to the magazine brand (social media actions per publisher post). 

Using third-party metrics sourced from comScore combined with statistics from MPA’s Social Media Engagement Report, these attributes have been quantitatively analysed and combined by online platform to calculate an ‘Engagement Index’.  

The report states “Our analysis shows that, in all 11 of the major content categories…magazine brands have higher- or, at minimum, equal – engagement across online media platforms than do non-magazine brands.” 

The magazine and non-magazine brands analysed in the report are noted within the Online Engagement Category Analyses

Established in 1919, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media is an advocate for the US magazine media industry and provides tools and resources to support magazine publishers. MPA has 150 US-based, international and associate members, representing over 500 magazine media brands. 

Visit MPA’s website to download the report

Written by Lyndsie Clark

Targeted Media Services Network Founder and Editor Lyndsie Clark has over 12 years of niche publishing experience, working in a variety of roles spanning B2B editorial, sales, operations, events, BD, and management.


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