Mumbrella monetises event content archive

Mumbrella has launched Mumbrella Pro, a new subscription service providing digital access to presentations, case studies, audio and video material from its range of events.

Mumbrella has launched Mumbrella Pro, a new subscription service providing digital access to presentations, case studies, audio and video material from its range of events.

The service will be updated daily with the latest content from Mumbrella’s events. 

Mumbrella is well known and respected for its media and marketing information and events. The Mumbrella Publish conference content will be of particular interest to B2C and B2B publishers, although much of the 2019 conference program looks to be targeted at larger, consumer publishers. 

Within Mumbrella Pro, Mumbrella has packaged its directory of over 2,700 brands, agencies, media owners and industry professionals – formerly marketed as Mumbrella The Source. Mumbrella said that the directory has “an updated look and feel and more accurate information”.   

The subscription service is also home to the archives of Mumbrella Founder Tim Burrowes’ Best of the Week (BOTW) emails, where he waxes lyrical about the major news items of the week, and shares insight into the internal operations of Mumbrella. The emails are engaging, thoughtful, but most of all transparent.

The question of monetising event content

How to best leverage event presentation archives is an age-old question for publishers who also produce events.

Should the content be repackaged within the magazine (yes)? Can the content be sold after each iteration of the event? Will attendees/readers pay for access to archived event content? And if so, will this undercut event registration sales? What are the resources involved and how should the service be priced to return a profit? 

In a BOTW email following the launch announcement, Burrowes said that the project is driven by his desire for more people to access Mumbrella’s conference content: “This year, Initiaitve’s global CEO Mat Baxter lit a bomb under the client-pitch system in his keynote at Mumbrella360. It was so well argued, backed with data from years of Initiative pitches. But you had to see the whole thing to fully appreciate the strength of his case.”

Burrowes also acknowledged that the path to launching Mumbrella Pro has been full of challenges, and a key factor in launching the product has been the appointment of a ‘Head of Paid Content’ to “live and breathe” the project.  

Mumbrella Pro subscriptions are available via single user, 5-user or unlimited user packages, and can be purchased monthly or annually. A free seven day trial is available, however users have to be prepared to enter payment details to access the trial. 

Subscriptions start from $79+GST per month. 

For more information or to subscribe, visit the Mumbrella Pro website

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