The Podcast Reader

New monthly magazine The Podcast Reader launches

The Podcast Reader, a new monthly magazine about podcasts, has launched.

The Podcast Reader features selected transcripts of the world’s best long-form podcasts. 

The new magazine is published by the Dialogues Media Foundation, an Australian-based not-for-profit company. 

The Dialogues Media Foundation said that the magazine aims to “delight and challenge readers, featuring outstanding content from the arts, science, entrepreneurship and public policy in every issue”. 

“Longform podcasts are an important new medium, but the excellent content they create is underappreciated. It’s easy to be distracted when listening to them. Interesting details can be missed, especially when episodes are long, and if you’re finding part of a conversation uninteresting, there are no practical ways to ‘skim’ the material,” states The Podcast Reader website. 

“Our printed podcast transcripts make it easier to focus on key points and follow complex ideas. Our magazine will feature leaders and exemplars of this revival of an ancient art: the art of dialogue. We thank them for producing this extraordinary content, and for recognising that this material deserves a new and broader platform. The Podcast Reader has been created to support their important work.” 

The magazine will support podcast producers with a portion of the cover price paid to the podcast hosts featured in the magazine. 

The Podcast Reader is available via an $11 monthly subscription, $99 annual subscription, of $30 digital-only annual subscription. 

The August launch edition features: 

  • Joe Walker’s The Jolly Swagman Podcast interviews 
  • Arlie Hochschild on her immersion in the culture and beliefs of America’s Deep South
  • Nobel Prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek on his work and current areas of focus
  • Conversations with Tyler’s Tyler Cowen discusses language, literature and culture with Margaret Atwood, and stagnation, innovation and what not to name your company with Peter Thiel
  • Discussion between Russ Roberts and Christopher Hitchens on the importance of George Orwell and his work.

The launch edition also features advertising, provided free of charge to the social enterprises whose work the Dialogues Media Foundation supports. 

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