Yaffa Media launches new cycling event, a game-changer for audience engagement

Yaffa Media’s special interest title Bicycling Australia has launched a new cycling event, the Mudgee Classic. Publisher James Yaffa talks about how organising cycling events has been a “game changer” for the 25-year-old brand. 

Bicycling Australia has been in print and online for over 25 years and 218 issues.

The Mudgee Classic is the second NSW-based cycling event for Bicycling Australia, and fourth national cycling Classic event for the media brand – the others being the Noosa Classic in Queensland and Clare Classic in South Australia.

In 2020, the events are expected to attract over 10,000 riders, and thousands of visitors to each destination. 

Connecting with an active, high-spending demographic 

Yaffa told Niche Publishing News that the cycling events have provided a strong connection with their target audience. 

“The connection works both ways. The event connects with new audiences via various media platforms such as TV, print, outdoor, content marketing and social media has helped drive more engagement for the Bicycling Australia brand – in fact I’d say it’s been a game-changer.

“Likewise our passionate Bicycling Australia audience has really welcomed the opportunity to participate and get closer with the brand they are so passionate about,” he says. 

“This is the ultimate test for any media brand.”    

The cycling events are supported by agency leaders Dentsu Aegis Network CEO Henry Tajer, Publicis Media CEO Toby Barbour and Zenith CEO Nickie Scriven.

Tajer told Yaffa Media’s AdNews publication that marketers are searching for less passive audiences – and the cycling events act as engaging services of that drive stronger connections between relevant brands and consumers. 

“The Cycling Classics and recreational cycling sector in general deliver the big spenders in the key 40-65 demographic, a bee hive of influential big spenders.

Henry Tajer, CEO, Dentsu Aegis Network

“The absolute litmus test for media brands is whether they have the capacity and influence to deliver live experiences which go beyond traditional media platforms, certainly we have a player here in The Cycling Classics by Yaffa Media which for me are some of the best work by any media company in Australia that I’ve seen. If not the best when you consider the audience engagement.” 

Yaffa says “Cycling is reaching one of the most dynamic and influential markets that we have seen in the history of this company, remember we go way back to 1925. Cycling ranks as a top form of exercise amongst the Australian population, out performing many higher profile sports.”

Working collaboratively to drive regional tourism 

The events are now becoming a major part of the cycling and sports marketing calendar and is generating interest from major brands, as well as the support of each states’ government body, such as Destination NSW.

Yaffa says that, in organising the event, Bicycling Australia looks for areas that offer more than just cycling. He also says that has been crucial to work closely with state government and local councils. 

“It can take up to three years to get one of these events up! Key stakeholders such as local councils, police, roads, community and state governments are crucial. We have great partners who all understand the benefits that these events deliver. And regional Australia is a core focus for the Federal Government as we know.” 

“This event will bring families and groups to stay in stunning Mudgee,” Yaffa says.

“It is fantastic to see our enthusiastic and loyal riders follow Bicycling Australia and join the Classics journey, with more than 30 per cent of participants doing all of the Classics!”

Giving back

Bicycling Australia’s cycling events have also collectively generated more than $300,000 for various charity groups. Mudgee Classic riders will have the opportunity of supporting the charity of their choice via our unique ‘Choose your Charity’ initiative. 

The event will be held on Sunday 3 May 2020, in Mudgee, 268 km north-west of Sydney. 

For event information on the Mudgee Classic visit: www.mudgeeclassic.com.au 

For more information on Yaffa Media visit www.yaffa.com.au 

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