Bush Journal newsprint publication launches

Bush Journal, a 40-page quarterly news print publication, has been launched to share stories and photography from regional areas.

Bush Journal has been launched by 11 photographers who live and work in rural Australia – from Western Australia’s wheat belt and vast cattle properties in the Northern Territory, to sheep stations in Victoria and cane farms in Northern Queensland.

“Our creative medium is naturally visual. We trudge through boggy creeks and dusty paddocks armed with our cameras and tripods – fighting old barbed wire fences, cranky bulls and swarms of flies – to capture some of the magic we feel in the bush,” says the publication’s website

“But in our travels, we stumble upon so many beautiful stories that linger in our minds long after photos are processed. Ordinary stories of grief, elation and survival that we think require a deeper telling, and the words of the subjects to bring them to life.

“So here we are, exploring those stories – and in doing so, hope we inspire you to share yours.” 

The publishers said that the decision to print the journal on premium newsprint marks what has been a lifeline for country people in the past – the newspaper. 

Available for $10, Volume 1 of the journal includes a feature on aerial photography, a day in the life of a young cattle woman who manages a 400 sq km station alone, a top-secret bush wedding in Far Western Queensland, plus tips and tricks on the art of self-portraiture. 

Regional women’s publisher Graziher recently interviewed photographer Georgie Mann about Bush Journal’s launch on the Life on the Land podcast. 

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