Cannabiz, Australia’s first legal cannabis industry media platform launches

A new B2B media platform for Australia’s legal cannabis industry, Cannabiz, has launched, with the aim of providing a guide to the industry and connecting businesses with information and opportunities for growth.

Cannabiz, Australia’s first B2B media platform for the legal cannabis industry, has been launched by Co-Founder and former CEO of Mumbrella, Martin Lane, and Klick X Founder Kim McKay. 

The platform will include the latest news and information, a podcast, and soon a membership and live events. 

In a welcome note on the Cannabiz website, Lane says “If you’d told me in 2013 that seven years later I’d be launching a media platform for Australia’s cannabis industry, I never would’ve believed you.” 

Martin Lane.

He goes on to explain his experience of how cannabis has affected those close to him, including his brother-in-law who has been prescribed legal cannabis to cope with his progressive multiple sclerosis. 

“Leaving aside the medical efficacy of the treatment, the impact on his mental health alone was enough to convince me of the plant’s benefits,” says Lane. 

“Imagine waking up every morning knowing the only way for your body is down, then to discover something that can actually help. A simple mouth spray with the potential to change your life. You might never get ‘better’, but at least you’re taking control of your situation.

“Now imagine being told you can’t have it. That’s still the reality for far too many Australians.” 

Lane says that Cannabiz will not only report on the latest news relating to Australia’s legal cannabis industry, but also analyse what the news means for cannabis businesses. 

“We’ve brought together some of Australia’s best B2B journalists to shine a light on opportunities for growth.”

“Everything we do in the months and years ahead, whether it’s online or at our live events, will aim to help Australia’s cannabis industry innovate and lead on the world stage.” 

Martin Lane, CEO, Cannabiz

Lane says that the unique expertise behind Cannabiz will be powerful in helping the industry grow in Australia – from his background working on some of the biggest B2B brands in Australia, to McKay’s background in brand building, PR and marketing. 

“One of the areas we feel most passionately about is helping the industry navigate its marketing challenges in a world where Google and Facebook still won’t play ball. Not to mention the image problem the industry still faces in some of the more conservative parts of society.

“But whether it’s news, analysis, business strategy, marketing consultancy or PR advice, our aim is always to help…business grow,” says Lane.

B2B media for the cannabis industry have been successful outside of Australia.

In the US, where cannabis has been legalised for medical use in 33 states, the industry is supported by a successful B2B medical cannabis magazine, MJBiz Daily, which produces news, analysis, industry reports, podcasts, and large-scale conferences and exhibitions.

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