Transferring subscription data is easier than you think

Don’t panic! Transferring your subscriber database to a new system is easier than you think

Having a healthy list of subscribers and a robust system to manage them is the key to growing your publication. But are you scared stiff of moving your data to a new system? 

Even if you know that taking advantage of innovative software and advanced automation is the way forward, exporting all that data can seem a bit overwhelming. However, migrating your subscriber database to a new management system doesn’t have to be difficult, as we found out.

Alan Leech, crmSubscribe
Alan Leech, Founder of crmSubscribe.

Alan Leech is the founder of crmSubscribe, an intuitive and affordable subscription management platform. He knows a thing or two about making the move to a new system and ensuring all data gets there in one piece. Having migrated more than 100 publications from an array of different systems ­– some as challenging as a decade-old Excel spreadsheet ­­­– he’s seen first-hand how straightforward the process can be.

Here’s Alan’s guide to a stress-free data transfer.

Size doesn’t matter

Believe it or not, the number of subscribers you have doesn’t make the process easier or harder. In fact, migrating a database of more than 20,000 subscribers could be faster and more straightforward than a database of 2,000. It all comes down to the way your data is currently stored and organised. So, having an extensive subscribers list shouldn’t have you running for the hills.

Your current system only plays a small part in the process

While your current management system will determine the complexity of the move, it doesn’t define whether it can or can’t be done. Many publications that started taking subscribers before software management platforms were a thing rely on a trusty Excel spreadsheet to manage their lists. It’s often these clients who think migrating data will be impossible, but it can be done.

The most crucial factor is the way your data is organised. If you have accurate names, contact details, the starting date of your subscribers’ orders and what their subscription entails (i.e., the number of issues they’re entitled to, and for how long), your new system can be set up with all your data ready to go.

Subscriber information will be safe

There are plenty of processes in place that ensure maximum data security, so your subscribers’ privacy is respected. You’ll likely have subscriber payment details on file to handle direct debits and auto-renews. All of that information can securely be moved to a new system while remaining PCI compliant, so you can continue serving your subscribers seamlessly.

It’s not an all-or-nothing situation

It’s common practice to send a test file with a sample of your database before making the leap to a new system so you can get a better understanding of what’s required. The test file is a good indicator of the complexity of the move as well as an approximate timeframe. It means you can face the move with all the facts before deciding to leave your current system behind.

As we mentioned, Alan and his team have migrated more than 100 publications to the crmSubscribe platform, and they are happy to offer advice and guidance to anyone who’s thinking about making a switch. If you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to reach out. You’ll find all crmSubscribe’s details on the website:

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