Durrant launches new regional magazine brand

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While 2019 has been a challenging year in publishing for many, one small Australian publisher is not to be beaten, launching a new brand to diversify revenue streams. 

Jamie Durrant, Editor and Director of Essentials Magazine Australia, has launched a new digital magazine – Regional Homes Australia – focusing on Australian residential real estate listings, building, design and luxury estates located outside of capital cities. 

The brand will target city siders looking to make a tree or sea change, business professionals, baby boomers, new home buyers and real estate investors, and will be distributed via its website, Apple News, social media streams, Google News, iOS and Android apps. 

Regional Homes Australia offers a new premium property marketing service and digital property magazine, presenting “positive messages of affordable housing and alternative lifestyle and income opportunities possible in regional areas”. 

Durrant said that the magazine will also cover custom home building, alpine property, modern and sustainable building materials and design, as-well-as personalities who’ve made recent tree or sea changes.

Durrant is known, via Essentials Magazine, for his passion for real journalism, historically significant photography, and great storytelling.

Over the last 15 years, he has grown the magazine from a boutique regional Victorian publishing business to a nationally distributed print and digital brand publishing the latest news and reviews on food, wine, hotels, art and design trends, and reaching over 500,000 readers annually. 

“2019 has been challenging year in publishing as we’ve seen increased competition from Google and Facebook impacting on Essentials Magazine Australia’s advertiser base,” says Durrant.

“As world’s media continues to search for ways to monetise digital publishing it has become apparent that Essentials Magazine Australia with its growing digital channels including website, popular Apple News Channel and newly launched iOS and Android apps would benefit from an additional advertiser stream supported by the two things we do best – promoting regional Australia and developing premium sponsored content for regional advertisers.”

He explains “Regional Homes Australia has also evolved as a natural progression and as a supportive project for our current advertiser base of custom home builders, cabinet makers and regional property managers. 

“It’s obvious that historically, classified advertising has been the bread and butter of news publishing. Taking a serious look at this market has been rewarding and already successful with some of Australia’s most experienced property agents connecting with the brand and quickly listing properties.”

Property listings are offered from $275 per listing for the life of the sale, with custom property magazine editorial and listing packages priced at $1,200 + GST, and premium commercial real estate photography offered on application. 

And how does Durrant plan to head off the competition? 

“While there are several large scale property sites out there, few know the true benefits and joy of Australian regional living like we do – our home base in Benalla in Victoria’s North East. After 15 years of sharing regional success stories within Essentials Magazine Australia, I believe we can deliver unrivalled compelling content for Regional Homes Australia.

Durrant says he is disappointed in the services that Google and Facebook offer to help small publishers. 

“As far as Google and Facebook are concerned I’m yet to be convinced that these two companies have any supportive tools to help small publishers. I challenge any manager at these two companies to directly contact me and prove me wrong. 

“Small publishers are a vital link in the chain in terms of subsidising the income of journalists. Without wide industry support from Google and Facebook we’re facing a death of creativity and a highly skilled workforce. I’d hate to see this occur.” 

For more information on Regional Homes Australia, visit its website

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