10 publishing podcasts packed with tips to boost your business

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information on the go, whether diving deep into an interview with a leading expert or devouring bite-sized advice that inspires action. While we haven’t come across a podcast dedicated to magazine publishing, we’ve compiled a list of others that cut across key aspects of running a publishing business.

Podcasts are a great way to learn new information on the go, whether diving deep into an interview with a leading expert or devouring bite-sized advice that inspires action. Here’s TMSN’s list of top podcasts that cut across key aspects of running a publishing business, from sales to marketing and SEO, to business models and mindset.

These are some of our favourite podcasts relating to the business and marketing side of running a media and publishing business. We’d love to hear about the podcasts you listen to. Let us know in the comments below. 

Killer Media Sales podcast

For local B2B media sales advice: Killer Media Sales

From the team at Momentum Media, the Killer Media Sales podcast covers B2B sales across digital advertising, event sponsorships, print or multi-platform solutions. Momentum Co-Founder Alex Whitlock and Director Commercial Growth Russell Stephenson break down every aspect of the sales process to help sell media more effectively and deliver the best client outcomes. 

Episodes are off the cuff and fast-paced, and provide practical solutions that can be used straight away. 

Top recent episodes include:

Listen to the Killer Media Sales podcast here.

Media Voices Podcast

For an international perspective on publishing: Media Voices 

A trio of media experts from the UK (Chris Sutcliffe, Esther Kezia Thorpe and Peter Houston) produce the Media Voices podcast, which discusses international media news and views – from journalism practices to publisher business models. Not every episode is relevant to niche magazine publishers, but those that are are well worth listening too. 

Episodes generally begin with the three discussing latest media industry news or issues (not always relevant to the magazine publishing industry), before moving on to interviewing a leading figure from media and publishing businesses – often filled with nuggets of gold. 

Episodes to sink your teeth into include: 

Listen to the Media Voices podcast here

Ad Sales Nation Podcast

To improve your sales conversations: Ad Sales Nation Podcast 

Regular TMSN contributor and media sales expert Ryan Dohrn hosts the Ad Sales Nation Podcast which focuses on media sales. Dohrn explores the issues facing media sales professionals and provides tactical advice for those looking to grow their sales. 

Dohrn’s most popular episodes include: 

Listen to the Ad Sales Nation Podcast here

For case studies on growing and monetising a digital audience: The Business of Content

Hosted by US journalist Simon Owens, The Business of Content is the podcast about how publishers create, distribute, and monetise their digital content. Owens has some great interviews with US-based publishers about their business models, but tends to talk about Substack (on which he has free and paid newsletters) a lot.

Interesting episodes include:

Listen to The Business of Content podcast here.

For everything digital: The Digiday Podcast

From the Digiday team, The Digiday Podcast covers a wide breadth of digital marketing content for brands, agencies and publishers.

Top episodes for publishers include:

Listen to The Digiday Podcast here.

The Stack podcast

To celebrate print publishing around the world: The Stack 

Produced by Monocle, The Stack covers print magazines “from the glossiest fashion title to the grittiest newspaper”. Episodes vary from covering an issue facing the print industry or focusing on interviews with print titles from around the world, no matter how big or small. 

Many of the episodes focus on the editorial ethos and design elements of producing a print edition, offering a different perspective from other media related podcasts. This is a true print publishing podcast.

Some interesting episodes: 

Listen to The Stack podcast here.

For tips and case studies on implementing a paywall: Paywall Podcast

The team at Zeen101 discusses paywall strategies and tactics for news and magazine publishers, interviewing many of the publishers running subscription-based services on their platform.

Listen to the Paywall Podcast here.

Marketing School podcast

For bite-sized marketing advice: Marketing School 

Marketing School is produced by US digital marketing mavericks Neil Patel and Eric Siu. Episodes are usually under 10 minutes in length and focus on one piece of actionable advice. One drawback: Patel and Siu talk really fast – in fact, it sounds like they speed up the audio for the podcasts to keep them short – so it takes a little extra concentration to catch the main points. 

Good episodes include: 

Listen to the Marketing School podcast here

The Recipe for SEO Success podcast

For SEO advice: The Recipe for SEO Success Show

Produced by Australian SEO copywriting and consultant Kate Toon, this podcast covers all aspects of SEO – from link building to local SEO, to e-commerce and engagement. It features interviews with leading SEO experts,  chats about google optimisation tips and techniques, the latest SEO news and updates, and real-life SEO case studies and critiques. 

But the key is: Toon does it in a fun and friendly way, making what can be a tough topic easy to digest. And each episode is tagged as ‘newbie’ or ‘techy’, denoting the level of expertise required for the topic. 

Toon also co-produces the popular copywriting podcast Hot Copy, which is a great listen for editorial teams. 

Top Recipe for SEO Success podcast episodes include: 

Listen to the Recipe for SEO Success Show podcast here

HBR Ideacast

For business mindset and strategies: HBR IdeaCast 

The Harvard Business Review produces this weekly podcast, which features leading thinkers and business and management. It’s a great podcast to help frame the way you think about your business, its future, and how you manage your team. 

Episodes are between 20-40 minutes, which allows enough time for the featured expert to get into the guts of their topic, while not being too hard to fit into your day. 

Some recent interesting topics include: 

Listen to the HBR IdeaCast here

What are your top picks? 

There are so many useful podcasts for business, marketing, management, sales – you name it. We’ve only just scraped the surface. Share your top tips for media business and publishing podcasts in the comments below. 

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  1. Don’t forget the Media Sales Mastery Podcast – Alex from Killer Media Sales has featured as a guest on it many times and is a big advocate.

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