Edmond Tran is new Managing Editor of Screenhub

GamesHub launches as a sister publication to ArtsHub

Vertical Networks Group has launched GamesHub, a video game news, reviews, and features website dedicated to creating approachable games coverage for anyone.

The new GamesHub website will focus on recognising games as creative works, and provide comprehensive coverage of the Australian industry. The platform aims to expand how people think about and appreciate games from all over the world, and encourage new voices and perspectives in Australian games writing.

Vertical Networks Group also publishes ArtsHub, Property Portal Watch and ScreenHub. 

Edmond Tran has been appointed Managing Editor of GamesHub. Tran joined the Vertical Networks Group team in March 2021 as Managing Editor of ScreenHub, after 12 years’ experience working with GameSpot, the global games and entertainment publication recently acquired by American marketing firm Red Ventures.

Tran said “I couldn’t be more excited about the direction that GamesHub is taking, especially the values we’re adopting as part of our core from the get-go.”

ArtsHub and ScreenHub Director of Content George Dunford said “Over the past year our games content has boomed and we think there is an opportunity to bring the same great coverage to this creative sector. I’m really keen to discover new writers and perspectives on games.”

Vertical Network Group recently re-platformed its websites with the help of The Code Company, which has given it the opportunity to expand what it offers its audiences. The adoption of a WordPress Multisite has allowed the group to launch the new GamesHub brand quickly. 

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