Man of Many Mental Health Hub

Man of Many launches Mental Health Hub to support Aussies in lockdown

Australian men’s lifestyle publication Man of Many has launched The Mental Health Hub, an inclusive initiative that provides resources and insights aimed at curbing the country’s burgeoning mental health concerns.

The dedicated Man of Many mental health content hub provides a series of innovative stories and features that arm readers with the tools to tackle the current wave of uncertainty. 

With insights and advice from some of the country’s leading clinical psychologists, mental health professionals and sports scientists, The Mental Health Hub houses evidence-based solutions and tips for breaking the cycle of anxiety and depression.

Man of Many said that the initiative comes in response to the challenging circumstances many Australians currently find themselves in. With Sydneysiders approaching three straight months under stay-at-home orders and Victoria notching up over 200 days in lockdown, the lasting impacts of isolation are starting to be realised.

Nick Hall, Digital Editor of Man of Many said The Mental Health Hub serves as a starting point for Australians to take stock of their friends’, and indeed their own, mental health.

“As a business, our goal has always been to provide value for our readers, but when we saw how the lockdown was impacting mental health, we knew we could do more. Whether it be addressing poor mental health, providing strategies to check in with your mates or simply just taking a step back and asking yourself how you feel, we wanted to shine a light on the importance of staying present and mindful, particularly during these challenging times,” Hall said.

While ongoing restrictions have seen stress levels rise across the board, for men, the implications are dire. The latest data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare indicates that around three-quarters of suspected deaths by suicide are among males, with the majority occurring among those aged between 25 and 55. 

“As men, we all have a role to play in removing the stigma surrounding mental health. The conversations may be awkward and sharing your feelings can be uncomfortable, but opening a dialogue is the first step in breaking that cycle.

If one person can take these strategies on board and learn from them, The Mental Health Hub has all been worth it,” Hall said.

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