WellBeing magazine to be reimagined to meet COVID-19 changing market demands

Universal Media Co’s WellBeing magazine is refocusing to service a wider audience, spurred by a change in market trends stimulated by COVID-19. 

Over two editions —issues 191 and 192 — WellBeing magazine will reimagine itself into a respected publication for any curious, positive woman who cares. WellBeing magazine receives a triennial makeover, but Umco said that this is “the big one”. 

The publisher said that, in the COVID-19 era, sales of magazines generally increased, especially those produced with high-quality stock and elegant design elements. 

“Publications that offered visual inspiration, good reading and real-life things to do performed very well. As a result, there is an opportunity to capitalise on current growth and take the WellBeing message to a much bigger audience,” Umco said in a statement on its website.  

“WellBeing is part of the tactile media movement and is a true “experience” as a publication. Our mission, in the next phase of our development, is to up the energy even further and make the publication an experience that the reader can escape into.”

The change will include: 

  1. A ‘smoother’ design and flow of the publication aimed at providing the reader a relaxing experience/’escape’. 
  2. Simplicity in the use of imagery with a focus on immediate emotional connection.
  3. A focus on evidence-based information with details on the credentials of writers, concepts, studies and take-outs featured.
  4. Covers with an image the readers can “project themselves into”.
  5. New sections on Community, Brain Building, and Fitness.
  6. The entire result is a learning experience that is as invigorating as it is inspiring.

Over the course of 2021, Umco is committing over $250,000 in marketing programs to target both core/main and new audiences. 

The Wellbeing magazine will also expand with a YouTube channel – WellBeing Living TV – which aims to take brand awareness to a wider market of 1.5 million viewers each episode. Umco said this strategy worked well with sister brand – WellBeing EatWell – which launched EatWell TV in 2020 and achieved similar reach and an uplift in sales. 

Editor Terry Robson said “WellBeing continues to help readers create a better life and a better world, but within that fundamental aspiration we also continue to evolve.

“Over almost 40 years, WellBeing has consistently renewed itself in the way it presents information. Each new iteration is exciting as the magazine and its associated media adapt to the changing needs and wants of its readers. 

“Arising from the COVID-19 challenge, we all need a safe, reliable place to find the information we want to make decisions as we go forward. This next evolution of WellBeing provides all of this in a beautiful environment that is visually stimulating as well as being accessible.

“It is always gratifying to work on WellBeing, but at times of renewal like this, it is thrilling as well.” 

Universal Media Co publishes 53 niche magazine brands including special interest and B2B titles. The publishing house describes itself primarily as “a data company, with several offshoot businesses including publishing, marketing, services, and e-commerce”. It is the second-largest Australian-owned magazine publisher. 

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