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Pinterest releases top 2019 search trends, and announces new Trends tool

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Of particular interest to consumer-focused magazines, Pinterest has released its top 100 search trends for 2019 and said it will launch a Pinterest Trends tool to outline the top search terms on the platform within the past 12 months and when search terms peak in popularity.

More than 320 million people worldwide use Pinterest, and the platform says that over 200 billion ideas have been saved to over 4 billion boards to date, allowing insights into emerging trends and early signals into consumer behaviour. These can be used to develop your content marketing strategy for 2020. 

Pinterest might be known first and foremost as a social media platform, but it is also a powerful search engine that can be used to direct traffic back to your magazine’s website. It’s best suited for consumer-focused magazines, with some publications experiencing a significant increase in website traffic by tailoring content to the platform.

Top 2019 search trends 

The top 100 search trends for 2019 have been identified from searches that increase each month for a period of over six months, and gives an insight into what will interest consumers in 2020. The trends for 2019 fall into the below categories: 

  • Travel 
  • Health and wellness 
  • Hobbies and interests 
  • Celebrations 
  • Food
  • Home 
  • Men’s style 
  • Women’s style 
  • Beauty 
  • Kids and parenting. 

Pinterest’s top 2019 search trends can be viewed here

Pinterest Trends new tool 

Pinterest said the Trends tool will help to validate assumptions about emerging trends, refine search queries with the aid of auto-complete suggestions, and help advertisers find a list of keywords to include or avoid while planning media campaigns. 

“Because people come to Pinterest to save ideas and plan for the future, we can understand unique and emerging tastes, preferences and interests that have powered our algorithm over the years, and are now available for brands to learn more from,” the social media platform said.   

As an example of how magazines can use the tool, Pinterest highlighted how global media company Tastemade uses video analytics and audience insights to make programming decisions.

Over summer, Tastemade sawa that watermelon content was outperforming other content across platforms, so they created a dedicated Pinterest board, which led to a “viral watermelon-focused pin campaign”, driving users back to its website. 

The new tool is currently in beta and focuses on top US search terms. The tool is being tested in the US first, with other markets to follow. 

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